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What kind of fundraisers are allowed?

Individuals and organisations can register on WhyDonate. Registration with an ANBI, a CBF seal of approval, or a Chamber of Commerce is not mandatory. The WhyDonate platform shows which person or organisation is organising the fundraiser for each cause.

WhyDonate supports fundraisers that have a social character and do not violate the law or general norms and values. On WhyDonate's website, offensive or sexually-oriented content, obscene content, illegal or legally unauthorised content, copyrighted material, or aggressive, discriminatory, hateful, or misleading language is not permitted. WhyDonate monitors every fundraiser that receives donations.

WhyDonate does not accept the following products and services:

Erotic or pornographic imagery.
Sex dating or sex events.
Prostitution or escort services.
Mail-order brides.

Financial services
An extremely high-risk financial product or service.
An illegal financial product or service.
A money exchange or money transfer business for which the provider is not properly licensed.
Currency trading for which the provider is not properly licensed.
Alternative currency, payment cards or balances for which the provider is not properly licensed.
Investment products or investment advice for which the provider is not properly licensed.
Payment collection or factoring.
Cryptocurrency trading.

Medications or pharmacy services for which the provider is not properly licensed.

Materials that can be used to produce cannabis or illegal narcotics.

Nutritional supplements
Dietary supplements that are harmful to health.

Illegal or stolen products
Illegal services.
Illegal or stolen products.
Products or services that promote or explain illegal activity.
Products or services unlawfully counterfeited.
Products or services that unlawfully violate the copyright, trademark or privacy of others.

Games of chance
Illegal gambling.
Games of chance for which the provider is not properly licensed.
Binary options or CFDs (Contracts for Difference).
Penny auctions.

Socially inappropriate behaviour
Products or services that incite terrorism or political violence.
Products or services where the provider evades laws and regulations.
Products or services involving deceptive marketing practices.
Misleading, unfair or improper products or services.
Pyramid schemes and other methods by which the provider suggests "get rich quick".

Collecting Money For High-Risk Countries
Fundraisers collecting donations for the following countries will not be accepted: Cuba, North Korea, Syria, Iran, Russia, Crimea (Ukraine), Donetsk (Ukraine) and Luhansk Regions (Ukraine).

Updated on: 15/05/2024

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