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How do I connect the Digital PIN Collectbus to Wifi?

The Whydonate Digital PIN Collection Box is standard equipped with mobile internet (3G / 4G) and a Wi-Fi receiver. Although the mobile range has good coverage, it is possible that a Wi-Fi connection is a better option. In that case you can connect the Digital PIN Collection Box to a local Wi-Fi network.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

Click on the screen VERY FAST 7X (doesn't matter where on the screen).
Enter the pin code 0000. The Wifit network tab will now open.
Select the desired Wi-Fi network and enter the password (if necessary).
Click save. You should now see a 'Wi-Fi connected' logo at the right top of the screen. If you do not see this appear, repeat the steps.

Updated on: 27/08/2021

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