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How to translate your fundraising campaign into other languages?

It is possible to add your fundraiser in multiple languages. Currently, this is possible in 19 languages. If your language is not listed, choose English and enter your own language after all. The general components of WhyDonate appear in English, but your content is in your own language.

As soon as you create a new fundraiser, it will be created in the language WhyDonate is currently set to. So pay attention to this when creating the fundraiser. You can change the language in which you create the fundraiser by using the language switcher at the top right of the screen.
After creating the fundraiser, you can translate it by clicking on the 'Translation' tab.

In the 'Translate' screen you can adjust both the original and the translations. You can also choose to have the original text translated automatically.

If you don't add translations, WhyDonate automatically translates your fundraiser using Google Translate. You don't have to do anything for this.

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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