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Manual donate button HTML Script (any website builder)

1. Go to the fundraiser page and click 'Embed'

Each plugin is linked to a fundraiser page. So you can link different plugins to different fundraisers. You can even place multiple plugins on the same page on your website.

First make sure you have created an account and fundraiser with Whydonate. If you choose to show a target amount, end date or total donated amount on the fundraiser page, this will also be shown in the plugin.
Then go to this fundraising page.
Then click on 'Embed'.

2. Settings

The plugin has different settings, so you can make the functionalities and appearance completely to your liking.

This option is standard and cannot be turned off. You can adjust or remove the displayed elements (end date, target amount and total amount raised) by adjusting the fundraiser yourself.

Show picture
Check this option to show the image with the widget.

Donation Form (no pop-up)
Shows the entire donation form instead of the donate button.

Hide map
Hides the map background. This option can only be used if only the 'Widget' option is selected.

Successful payment redirect URL
This is the page a donor is sent to after making a donation.

Failed payment redirect URL
This is the page to which a donor is sent if the donation has not been successfully completed.

You adjust the styling of the plugin by adjusting the branding of your account (you need to be logged in to your WhyDonate account).

3. Add HTML script

Once you're happy with the results, you can place the plugin by copying and pasting the HTML script on your own website. The plugin will appear on the exact same spot.

Updated on: 19/04/2024

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